design studio kaschkasch was founded in 2011 by florian kallus and sebastian schneider. the duo works in furniture, lighting design and art direction for several national and international clients.

being a duo, collaboration is a crucial aspect of kaschkasch’s work. discussion is key. kaschkasch approaches design as a helpful and practical component of life that conveys character and attitudes through the expressiveness of restraint. basing themselves on this approach to design, kaschkasch wields a characteristic formal language that is inherently present in each design: it is a symbiosis of straightforwardness and beauty that toes the line between function and formal severity. the results are modest, challenging, intelligent and logical. kaschkasch questions prevailing norms and offers new answers to existing everyday demands.

florian kallus and sebastian schneider share a background that combines hands-on and academic education: both are trained as cabinet makers followed by studies in product design. this versatility informs everything kaschkasch does. the studio appreciates the hands-on insight, practice and technical understanding, which contributes to their design method: traditional craftsmanship techniques and a mindset geared towards innovation, disruption and new technological solutions.

Products by kaschkasch

NAIT bed headboard coloured NAIT bed headboard coloured
From €301.00
FLAI single bed white FLAI single bed white
From €764.00
FLAI Bed Headboard white FLAI Bed Headboard white
From €218.00
FLAI single bed anthracite FLAI single bed anthracite
From €764.00
FLAI Bed Headboard anthracite FLAI Bed Headboard anthracite
From €218.00
FLAI Bed Headboard oak FLAI Bed Headboard oak
From €667.00
NAIT bed headboard anthracite NAIT bed headboard anthracite
From €139.00
NAIT bed headboard white NAIT bed headboard white
From €139.00
NAIT single bed white NAIT single bed white
From €668.00
FLAI storage bench with drawer FLAI storage bench with drawer
From €635.00
Das Design-Bett FLAI FLAI double bed anthracite
From €867.00
NAIT single bed anthracite NAIT single bed anthracite
From €668.00
FLAI double bed white FLAI double bed white
From €867.00
NAIT single bed coloured NAIT single bed coloured
From €1,226.00
FLAI Padded headboard FLAI Padded headboard
From €485.00
Flai 2-Türiger Kleiderschrank FLAI 2-door wardrobe anthracite
From €1,550.00
NAIT double bed white NAIT double bed white
From €793.00
Flai Kleiderschrank mit zwei Türen im Seitenprofil FLAI 2-door wardrobe white
From €1,550.00
NAIT double bed anthracite NAIT double bed anthracite
From €793.00
Flai Bett Eiche FLAI double bed oak
From €1,292.00
NAIT double bed coloured NAIT double bed coloured
From €1,440.00
NAIT magazine tray NAIT magazine tray
NAIT bedside tray NAIT bedside tray
Lyn Wandregal klein weiß LYN wall shelf
From €98.00
FLAI shelf white FLAI shelf white
FLAI STAURAUMBANK weiß ohne Polster FLAI storage bench
From €423.00
FLAI shelf anthracite FLAI shelf anthracite