Rolf Heide

Rolf Heide

Furniture designer, interior designer, exhibition designer and creative management consultant: Hamburg designer Rolf Heide has made a name for himself nationally and internationally over the past 60 years with timelessly functional designs in the area of ​​interior and corporate design.

Rolf Heide, like Dieter Rams and Ingo Maurer, belongs to the successful designer age group 1932. Together with others of his generation, he decisively shaped the German understanding of product design. From the very beginning, his work was characterized by the combination of craftsmanship and functional design. Building on a carpentry apprenticeship and then studying interior design at what was then the Muthesius factory school in Kiel, he also early developed the idea of ​​selling dismountable furniture via mail order.

Rolf Heide has designed numerous furniture and exhibition stands for Müller Small Living since the late 1960s. Among them is the legendary STAPELLIEGE, which can be easily and space-saving stacked on top of one another and used as an additional guest bed if required. The timelessly elegant look with the boldly rounded frame is unsurpassed to this day. At the same time, the designer also worked for other design-oriented companies such as Bulthaup, Gaggenau or Vorwerk.

Rolf Heide's works have received multiple awards and have been shown in major exhibitions. His STAPELLIEGE recently received the prestigious German Design Award 2019 in the "Design Classics and Re-editions" category.

Rolf Heide died on June 14, 2020 at the age of 88.

Products by Rolf Heide

Stacking Bed Classic CPL white Stacking Bed Classic CPL white
From €700.01
Modular Plus version 4 Modular Plus version 4
From €2,320.00
Sofabank No. 4 white Sofabank No. 4 white
Bettkasten mit Deckel in Anthrazit Storage Box CPL anthracite
From €828.00
Modular Plus version 2 Modular Plus version 2
From €1,748.00
Sofabank No. 4 anthracite Sofabank No. 4 anthracite
Schubkasten für Stapelliege in weiß Bedbox16 CPL white
From €899.00
Modular Plus version 3 Modular Plus version 3
From €2,546.00
Bedbox16 coloured Bedbox16 coloured
From €1,201.00
Storage Box beech Storage Box beech
From €690.00
Schubkasten für Stapelliege in Anthrazit Bedbox16 CPL anthracite
From €899.00
Modular Plus version 7 Modular Plus version 7
From €950.00
Schubkasten für Stapelliege in Schwarz Matt Bedbox16 HPL matt black
From €1,036.00
Modular Plus version 8 Modular Plus version 8
From €2,484.00
Modular Plus Chest of Drawers Modular Plus Chest of Drawers
From €1,170.00
Stacking Bed Classic birch Stacking Bed Classic birch
From €815.00
Slatted Frame, tilting plates Slatted Frame, tilting plates
From €801.00
Stacking Bed Classic walnut Stacking Bed Classic walnut
From €815.00
Stacking Bed Kids beech Stacking Bed Kids beech
Stacking Bed Classic coloured Stacking Bed Classic coloured
From €844.00
Stacking Bed Comfort coloured Stacking Bed Comfort coloured
From €987.00
Storage Box coloured Storage Box coloured
From €862.00
Stacking Bed Classic beech Stacking Bed Classic beech
From €646.00
Stacking Bed Classic oak Stacking Bed Classic oak
From €815.00
Stapelliege Komfort Buche zwei Liegen gestapelt Stacking Bed Comfort beech
From €793.00
Stacking Bed Comfort oak Stacking Bed Comfort oak
From €957.00
Sofabank No.3 weiss Sofabank No. 3 white
Stapelliege Komfort Birke zwei gestapelte Liegen mit Matratze und Nackenkissen Stacking Bed Comfort birch
From €957.00
Sofabank No.3 Anthrazit Sofabank No. 3 anthracite
Stacking Bed Comfort walnut Stacking Bed Comfort walnut
From €957.00
Modular Plus version 5 Modular Plus version 5
From €2,720.00
Sofabank No. 2 anthracite Sofabank No. 2 anthracite
Stapelliege Komfort Weiss Birke gestapelt mit Matratze und Nackenkissen Stacking Bed Comfort CPL white
From €912.00
Modular Plus version 6 Modular Plus version 6
From €2,546.00
Sofabank No. 1 white Sofabank No. 1 white
From €4,074.00
Modular Plus version 1 Modular Plus version 1
From €1,319.00
Sofabank No. 1 anthracite Sofabank No. 1 anthracite
Bettkasten für Stapelliege Birke weiss ohne Rollen Storage Box CPL white
From €828.00