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It was back in 1966 that designer Rolf Heide came up with his ‚stackable daybed‘, which the ‚Schöner Wohnen‘ magazine rightly described as a modern classic. With a design that is as attractive as it is timeless, it is an item whose usefulness has made it a highly desirable piece of furniture for over 40 years and still now has a long future ahead of it. Wherever and whenever an extra bed is needed, the stackable daybed is immediately accessible, offering more comfort than many conventional beds, and taking up little space when stowed away. It is commonly found in guest bedrooms, bedsits, student rooms and children‘s bedrooms. Of all Rolf Heide‘s creations, the stackable daybed is the one that comes closest to representing his design credo: employing simple materials combined in a deceptively logical way and finished off with a single stroke of genius that gives the object its characteristic face – in this case the flowing rounded corners of the side sections. The  bed  was  the  first  item  in  a  series  of  useful  and  aesthetic furnishings for people who prefer a more mobile and unconventional style of living. This model was published in the ‚Brigitte‘ magazine, for which Heide has devised many practical fittings and furnishings over the years.

The stated basic price always refers to a bed, without slatted frame and without mattress. Usually two loungers are shown.

From a width of 120 cm the use of a central spar is necessary!



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from a width of 1200 mm we recommend the use of the central spar to stabilise the slatted frame centrally if two slatted frames are to be inserted into the stacking bed, the central spar is  indispensable

scope of delivery
one single bed frame
mattresses and slatted frames have to be ordered separtely

by truck


What does HPL and CPL mean?

What does HPL and CPL mean?

CPL is the abbreviation for für Continuos Pressed Laminates
HPL is the abbreviation for High Pressure Laminates (HPL from thickness > 2 mm are according to standard EN 438 compact plates)

What is special about the HPL coating of our black matt furniture?

Our HPL laminate impresses with its high abrasion, impact and scratch resistance. It is ideal for horizontal as well as heavily used surfaces. The super-matt surface feels velvety warm and is characterized by its very good anti-fingerprint property. This makes our HPL laminate unique and universally applicable.

Are there special features in the care of our HPL coating?

The HPL coating requires no special care because of its resistant and hygienic, dense surface. The surface is generally easy to clean. It should be noted that no sanitary cleaners or cleaning agents with abrasive components are used for cleaning, since such cleaners lead to changes in gloss and scratches.

What is the difference between HPL and CPL?                              

The term CPL already gives an indication of the manufacturing process, that is, CPL is produced in continuous double belt presses with a compression pressure between 30 and 70 bar and temperatures between 150 °C and 170 °C. Depending on the laminate thickness and the press zone length, the feed rate varies between 8 and 15 m/min.

HPL is produced in batch multistage presses with a pressure of between 50 and 90 bar and temperatures > 120 °C. Very often, in connection with the production process of laminates, the pressure is also given in mega-pascal (MPa). The floor presses have between 10 and 20 floors and each floor holds approx. 8 laminate boards with a nominal thickness of 0,50 to 0,80 mm. Depending on the press feed and the maximum temperature, the complete press cycle including re-cooling takes between 20 and 60 minutes.

Technical details


Things to know - Stacking Bed

Stacking down, stacking up? So that no questions remain unanswered, we have summarized once the most important information:

1.  What is the scope of delivery of the Stacking Bed?
Unlike most of the pictures of the Stacking Bed to see, the scope of delivery consists only of a bed frame. Slatted frame and mattress are not included.

2. What is the delivery condition of the Stacking Bed?
The Stacking Bed is delivered disassembled and must be mounted on site; An appropriate assembly instruction as well as all necessary fittings and tools are enclosed with the delivery.

3. Foreign slatted frames / milling out of our slatted frames?
With our slatted frames, we make sure that there is a small cutout on the head and foot. This is necessary to insert the slatted frame into the Stacking Bed. Without this cutout the slatted frame can collide with the screws of the angles in the inside and can not be inserted correctly then.
Unfortunately, we can therefore not guarantee the accuracy of fit for foreign slatted frames.

4. What material is the Stacking Bed?
The production is made of 9-ply laminated wood; the material thickness is 15 mm.
An explanation of our CPL coating can be found in our blog.

5. Which slatted frames and mattresses do we recommend?
We have already made a suitable selection for you under each Stacking Bed. Just scroll on the respective Stacking Bed detail page to the bottom of the page.

6. Which slatted frame heights and which mattress heights are suitable?
Classic: Rollable frame + 140 mm high mattress or solid frame + 100 mm high mattress
Comfort: Rollable frame + 180 mm high mattress or solid frame + 140 mm high mattress
Please also note our FAQ "Space between two Stacking Beds".

7. What exactly distinguishes comfort height and class height?
The difference is exactly 40 mm. The comfort height is 40 mm higher than the classic variant. Stacked results in a difference of 80 mm.                   
Individually                                                      Stacked
Classic                 235 mm                              Classic                 400 mm
Comfort                275 mm                               Comfort                480 mm

8. What weighs the Stacking Bed Classic / Comfort?
The frame itself weighs (depending on the version) between 17-19 kg; including slatted frame and mattress weighs about 39 kg

9. How wide is the Stacking Bed as a double bed / next to each other?
Of course, the external dimensions of the Stacking Bed result from the selected width. Basically, the external dimension is +30 mm in length and width.
At 900x2000 mm corresponding to 930x2030 mm.
In a double bed consisting of 2x 900x2000 mm Stacking Beds that would be corresponding 1860x2030 mm external dimensions.

10. Can you stack comfort height and normal height together?
Yes this is not a problem. Classic and comfort height can be stacked on top of each other.
However, it should then be noted that the juxtapose of the two variants creates a height difference of 40 mm.

11. How many Stacking Beds can you stack on top of each other?
We recommend not to exceed a stack height of 10 beds.

12. What external dimensions and internal dimensions does the Stacking Bed have?
The interior dimensions are reflected in the lying area. The external dimensions are +30 mm further than the lying area. See also point 9.

13. Maximum load / weight of the Stacking bed?
The maximum load on the Stacking Bed depends decisively on the selected slatted frame.

14. Is it possible to use the Stacking Bed individually?
Yes, the Stacking Bed can also be used individually. This way the Stacking Bed becomes a kind of futon bed.

15. Is this Stacking Bed the original?
Yes, this Stacked Bed is the original by Rolf Heide. The design of the well-known designer dates back to the year 1966.

16. What space is created between the mattresses when two Stacking Beds are next to each other?
The space between two mattresses is exactly 30 mm.

17. Can you stack the Stacking Bed alone?
We recommend that you always stack and unstack with two people.

18. Can you attach the Flai add-ons to the Stacking Bed?
No, unfortunately, the Flai add-ons do not fit the Stacking bed. This is due to the different material thickness of the two products. The Flai Bed has a material thickness of 18 mm, the Stacking Bed 15 mm.

19. How much storage space is under the Stacking Bed?
The distance between the floor and the deck is 100 mm for the Classic version and 130 mm for the Comfort version.

20. Why is the bed particularly beneficial for children's rooms?
The stacking function of the bed makes it easy to turn one bed into two beds. So one of the two beds can be transformed in no time at a guest bed.

21. Where can I find spare parts and screw sets?
Screw sets can be found here.
For other spare parts, please contact Ms. Uhlendorf. She is responsible for spare parts and complaints.
Iris Uhlendorf
04453 98 23 44

22. How do I avoid different lying heights in different configurations?
Please note our FAQ "Space between two Stacking Beds".

Space between two Stacking Beds - Comfort

In the following drawing you can see which gaps in the Stacking Bed Comfort arise when two beds are stacked. This depends largely on the respective position of the angle and can thus be adapted to your own needs.

Delivery by our dealer

Delivery by the dealer

Müller Möbelwerkstätten works together with a large number of specialized dealers. This allows us to have the furniture purchased in our online shop delivered to you via this one. We send the furniture to the logistics center of the respective specialist dealer, from where our competent partner takes care of the processing of your order.

He will contact you by appointment and optional bookable installation.

 1.       Why is the goods not delivered directly to me?

As a rule, deliveries made by our specialist dealer are bulky goods that require an increased logistic effort for delivery.
If, for example, the order were delivered directly to you by freight carrier, this corresponds to a delivery free of curbside.
By contrast, our specialist dealers are specially trained personnel who have been trained by us to set up and transport the furniture of Müller Möbelwerkstätten.
Particularly noteworthy in the service "delivery by our dealer" are:
- Scheduled delivery according to desired date
- Delivery behind the first lockable door

2.       Are all furniture delivered by the specialist dealer?

No, not in all cases we can provide this service. Of course, this depends on whether there is a specialist dealer in the immediate vicinity.
In addition, our small furniture can be regularly sent with a parcel service (GLS).

3.       Assembly by our specialist dealer

The assembly can be booked separately in our online shop when ordering. The costs are based on the corresponding value of goods. Of course, the option of mounting is not mandatory, but recommended for selected furniture due to its complexity.
In addition to the actual assembly, this service offers further advantages:
- Carrying in the apartment included
- Subsequent disposal of the packaging

Of course, the option of mounting is not mandatory, but recommended for selected furniture due to its complexity.
For example, at

Modular Plus Wardrobe
Plane Wardrobe
- Flai Wardrobe

Can I have the piece of furniture built up?

Yes, within Germany we offer a construction service. Click on "book assembly" in the shopping cart and your furniture will be set up at your home for only 5% surcharge by a specialist dealer.

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2 Nov 2018

Perfektes Bett für unsere Kinder

Hervorragende Betten für unser Kinderzimmer. Mit dem passenden Lattenrost (Lattenrost Massivholzramen starr) eine perfekte Kombination für guten Schlaf. Der Aufbau ist durch die hochwertigen Holzteile und Schrauben eine Freude.

28 Sep 2017

Schönes Bett mit Einschränkungen

Ich habe das Bett in der Breite 160 cm, also mit Mittelsteg und zusätzlich 2 Rollrosten im Januar 2016 bestellt.

Anlieferung und der Zusammenbau ist problemlos. Die Qualität ist so wie man es erwartet, jedoch habe ich eine Anmerkungen zu dem Mittelsteg und dem angebotenen Rollrost.

Der Mittelsteg wird laut Einbauanleitung von 4 Holzschrauben mit jeweils 3 mm Durchmesser an Metallwinkeln am Kopf- und Fußteil befestigt. Zusätzlich stabilisierend ist ein in der Mitte des Mittelstegs angebrachter verstellbarer Fuß aus Kunststoff. Die mitgelieferten Rollroste sind von durchaus hochwertiger Qualität, jeweils 2 Holzlatten auf jeder Seite hatten eine Bohrung um sie auf den Metallschienen am Rand des Bettes zu fixieren.

Um es kurz zu machen, nach erfolgter Montage verschoben sich die Rollroste nach einigen Tagen, weiterhin zeigte der Mittelsteg mit seiner etwas schwachen Befestigung seine Schwachstelle. Wenn man an einem Sonntag morgen mitsamt Matratzen bis auf den Fußboden durchkracht (was wegen der geringen Bauhöhe nicht weh tat), dann weiß man dass etwas nicht richtig konstruiert ist.

Die Rollroste hatten sich verschoben, zusätzlich versagte der Stützfuß am Mittelsteg und es gab den freien Fall. Die Lösung war, den Mittelsteg mit 2 weiteren Füßen aus Metall zu verstärken sowie die Latten der Rollroste mit Klettbändern zu fixieren.

Seitdem habe ich Ruhe und bin soweit zufrieden mit dem Bett.
Das Design ist zweifellos großartig, an der technischen Umsetzung könnte jedoch meiner Meinung nach etwas optimiert werden. Ich vermute, bei den schmaleren Betten wird das Problem nicht auftreten.

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