Modular Stackable base

Modular Stackable base


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Good design creates a framework - the MODULAR furnishing system offers the possibility of designing each room individually and making optimum use of its space. The clear-cut line of the programme is always maintained.

Simple. Fine. Flexible.
The basic principle of MODULAR is quickly explained: A width (600 mm), two depths (360 and 600 mm) and three heights (168,504 and 1512 mm) are available and can be combined in a variety of ways. All elements can be used individually or stacked and combined. On the outside of the wardrobe you can attach additional clothes rails or the swivelling mirror.

The MODULAR base is the basis for every cabinet. Thanks to the four adjustable feet, the base can be perfectly aligned even on uneven floors, so that the MODULAR elements placed on top of it can be stacked in a straight and shaky manner. Each MODULAR element, including the base, has four stable metal pins on which the individual MODULAR elements are inserted. Each MODULAR element has four small holes on the underside and on the top, into which the metal pins fit.


melamine white body with birch multiplex edge, front painted in RAL 9010 pure white

height: 37 mm
width: 600 mm
depth: 360 mm or 600 mm

the body is made of an E1 classified chipboard, which is covered on all sides with a white, high-quality melamine coating; this coating is characterized by high durability and resistance; it is also easy to clean

the paints are DD paints that are particularly hard-wearing. These lacquered surfaces are environmentally friendly - no strain on people and the environment.

all doors are cushioned

please note that the "modular stackable" and "modular add-on" programs cannot be combined with each other in terms of design

delivery condition
the base is delivered fully assembled


Delivery by our dealer

Delivery by the dealer

Müller Möbelwerkstätten works together with a large number of specialized dealers. This allows us to have the furniture purchased in our online shop delivered to you via this one. We send the furniture to the logistics center of the respective specialist dealer, from where our competent partner takes care of the processing of your order.

He will contact you by appointment and optional bookable installation.

 1.       Why is the goods not delivered directly to me?

As a rule, deliveries made by our specialist dealer are bulky goods that require an increased logistic effort for delivery.
If, for example, the order were delivered directly to you by freight carrier, this corresponds to a delivery free of curbside.
By contrast, our specialist dealers are specially trained personnel who have been trained by us to set up and transport the furniture of Müller Möbelwerkstätten.
Particularly noteworthy in the service "delivery by our dealer" are:
- Scheduled delivery according to desired date
- Delivery behind the first lockable door

2.       Are all furniture delivered by the specialist dealer?

No, not in all cases we can provide this service. Of course, this depends on whether there is a specialist dealer in the immediate vicinity.
In addition, our small furniture can be regularly sent with a parcel service (GLS).

3.       Assembly by our specialist dealer

The assembly can be booked separately in our online shop when ordering. The costs are based on the corresponding value of goods. Of course, the option of mounting is not mandatory, but recommended for selected furniture due to its complexity.
In addition to the actual assembly, this service offers further advantages:
- Carrying in the apartment included
- Subsequent disposal of the packaging and possible disposal of the old furniture (after consultation)

Of course, the option of mounting is not mandatory, but recommended for selected furniture due to its complexity.
For example, at

Modular Plus Wardrobe
Plane Wardrobe
- Flai Wardrobe


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