Slatted Frame, tilting plates


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The lying surface of the slatted frame consists of tilting plates that react evenly to loads and adapt to all physical proportions. The slatted frame enables individual adjustment of the elasticity of the lying surface in the shoulder and lumbar area. Suitable for allergy sufferers. Head and foot section adjustment (KF) with a fixed middle section enables a high level of comfort and relaxation in bed.

The slatted frame is not suitable for stacking beds and beds from the FLAI and MAUDE series!
The slatted frame is suitable for beds in the PLANE, NAIT and SLOPE series!

• 4 zones for proper distribution of body weight on the mattress
• 55 swing plates
• The construction of flexible plates swinging in all directions ensures point springing along the entire length and width with thousands of support points
• The additional bar prevents deformation of the edges of the mattress
• Individual adjustment of flexibility in the area of the shoulders and hips
• 2 levels of stiffness
• The wooden frame is provided with foil -moisture does not penetrate
• Excellent aeration of the mattress
• Suitable for allergy sufferers
• recommended max resilience 130 kg


frame height 50 mm
total height 100 mm

wooden frame, plastic plate


Delivery by our dealer

Delivery by the dealer

Müller Möbelwerkstätten works together with a large number of specialized dealers. This allows us to have the furniture purchased in our online shop delivered to you via this one. We send the furniture to the logistics center of the respective specialist dealer, from where our competent partner takes care of the processing of your order.

He will contact you by appointment and optional bookable installation.

 1.       Why is the goods not delivered directly to me?

As a rule, deliveries made by our specialist dealer are bulky goods that require an increased logistic effort for delivery.
If, for example, the order were delivered directly to you by freight carrier, this corresponds to a delivery free of curbside.
By contrast, our specialist dealers are specially trained personnel who have been trained by us to set up and transport the furniture of Müller Möbelwerkstätten.
Particularly noteworthy in the service "delivery by our dealer" are:
- Scheduled delivery according to desired date
- Delivery behind the first lockable door

2.       Are all furniture delivered by the specialist dealer?

No, not in all cases we can provide this service. Of course, this depends on whether there is a specialist dealer in the immediate vicinity.
In addition, our small furniture can be regularly sent with a parcel service (GLS).

3.       Assembly by our specialist dealer

The assembly can be booked separately in our online shop when ordering. The costs are based on the corresponding value of goods. Of course, the option of mounting is not mandatory, but recommended for selected furniture due to its complexity.
In addition to the actual assembly, this service offers further advantages:
- Carrying in the apartment included
- Subsequent disposal of the packaging and possible disposal of the old furniture (after consultation)

Of course, the option of mounting is not mandatory, but recommended for selected furniture due to its complexity.
For example, at

Modular Plus Wardrobe
Plane Wardrobe
- Flai Wardrobe


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