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FLATBOX is the flexible solution for any working height.

Whether in the children's room, as a normal seat workstation or also as a standing desk, the FLATBOX offers optimum comfort. The FLATBOX is mounted on a suitable wall with the aid of a wedge bar at any height and can be adjusted in height at any time by moving the wedge bar.
The FLATBOX is available in two different technical variants:

Technology Package 1:
An LED under-cabinet light from the Heitronic brand with an integrated socket is installed in the FLATBOX. The lamp can be easily changed. The light source is included in the scope of delivery and already built in. The integrated socket is always inside the FLATBOX at the top right.

Technology Package 2:
The FLATBOX is equipped with an LED light with a soft-touch switch, socket and two USB sockets. The light source is included in the scope of delivery and is already installed. The luminaire contains built-in LED lamps which cannot be replaced. Please make sure that the power supply was interrupted before changing. The lamp can be ordered from Müller Möbelwerkstätten. The integrated 220 V socket is located inside the FLATBOX at the top right.
The two integrated USB sockets are located inside the FLATBOX at the top left.


extremely flat
incl . light bar and socket 
interior back wall serves as organization board

size closed 
width 717 mm 
height 431 mm 
depth 122 mm

size opened 
width 717 mm 
height 431 mm 
depth 570 mm

plywood or multiplex

bureau with light strip, outlet and three shelves made ​​of metal

by parcel service


What does HPL and CPL mean?

What does HPL and CPL mean?

CPL is the abbreviation for für Continuos Pressed Laminates
HPL is the abbreviation for High Pressure Laminates (HPL from thickness > 2 mm are according to standard EN 438 compact plates)

What is special about the HPL coating of our black matt furniture?

Our HPL laminate impresses with its high abrasion, impact and scratch resistance. It is ideal for horizontal as well as heavily used surfaces. The super-matt surface feels velvety warm and is characterized by its very good anti-fingerprint property. This makes our HPL laminate unique and universally applicable.

Are there special features in the care of our HPL coating?

The HPL coating requires no special care because of its resistant and hygienic, dense surface. The surface is generally easy to clean. It should be noted that no sanitary cleaners or cleaning agents with abrasive components are used for cleaning, since such cleaners lead to changes in gloss and scratches.

What is the difference between HPL and CPL?                              

The term CPL already gives an indication of the manufacturing process, that is, CPL is produced in continuous double belt presses with a compression pressure between 30 and 70 bar and temperatures between 150 °C and 170 °C. Depending on the laminate thickness and the press zone length, the feed rate varies between 8 and 15 m/min.

HPL is produced in batch multistage presses with a pressure of between 50 and 90 bar and temperatures > 120 °C. Very often, in connection with the production process of laminates, the pressure is also given in mega-pascal (MPa). The floor presses have between 10 and 20 floors and each floor holds approx. 8 laminate boards with a nominal thickness of 0,50 to 0,80 mm. Depending on the press feed and the maximum temperature, the complete press cycle including re-cooling takes between 20 and 60 minutes.

Technical details


Flatbox FAQ


What kind of light source is used in the FLATBOX?
The FLATBOX is equipped with an LED light with soft-touch switch, socket and two USB sockets.

Is the bulb included?
Yes, the bulb is included and already installed.

Can I change the bulb myself later?
Yes, the bulb is easy to replace. Please note that the power supply was interrupted before changing.

Where can I buy the bulbs later?
The bulbs can be ordered through Müller Möbelwerkstätten.

Where are the sockets inside?
The integrated 220 V socket is located inside the FLATBOX in the upper right corner.
The two integrated USB doses are located inside the FLATBOX top left.

Can you also mount the sockets in a different location?
Unfortunately, no.

In which colors is the FLATBOX available?
FLATBOX is available in combination with the Birch Multiplex Edge in the following colors:
White, RAL 9016
Anthracite, RAL RDS 4500
Matt black

How much does the FLATBOX weigh in total?
The FLATBOX weighs 18 kg. Without packaging, the FLATBOX weighs 16 kg.

With how many kilograms can I load the worktop?
The worktop can be loaded evenly with a maximum of 25 kg.

Wo wird die FLATBOX hergestellt?
The FLATBOX is manufactured by us in Bockhorn. Bockhorn is located near Wilhelmshaven, i. in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Which materials are used?
The complete body as well as the worktop are made of high-quality birch plywood with durable CPL-coating. The removable bezel and the three shelves for the inner rear wall are made of powder-coated steel. The fittings are made of stainless steel.

What is birch plywood?
As birch plywood panels, veneer plywood panels are used, which consist of birch veneer sheets of the same thickness and are glued crosswise. The natural solid wood layers provide a very high rigidity and dimensional stability and lead to the characteristic, striped edge appearance. The edges also prove to be extremely stubborn and insensitive to impact and stress.

Birch plywood panels are made of fast-growing raw materials and ensure a long-lasting and thus sustainable use of the respective furniture due to the high quality of the material.

What is meant by CPL coating?
Melamine resins are the secret of the particularly robust CPL laminates. CPL stands for Continuous Pressure Laminate - i. a laminate that results from the continuous pressing of several layers of paper with hardening melamine resin. The surface is provided with a protective film of melamine resin. That makes them extremely resilient. CPL surfaces are significantly more abrasion, scratch and impact resistant than other surfaces. They withstand light scratches. They are resistant to solvents and heat, smudge-proof and easy to clean. Light soiling can be easily removed. CPL surfaces are color and lightfast, so they do not darken.

Where do the materials come from?
We work exclusively with German and European suppliers.
The wood we process comes from European, sustainable forestry and forest management.

Which paints, oils, etc. are used in the FLATBOX?
For the FLATBOX, no paints are used.
We only oil the birch multiplex edges to protect the edge from dirt and to darken the edge a bit.
The oil is produced on the basis of vegetable oils and fatty acids as well as essential oils in Germany.

What are the exact dimensions of the FLATBOX?
All measurements can be seen on the black and white photo on this website.

Are other dimensions possible on request? e.g. different depth, different width, different height?
Unfortunately, we can only offer the FLATBOX in the standard dimensions. If a larger amount is taken, e.g. 20 pieces, we can, however, make you an offer for the custom-made.

How do I attach the FLATBOX to the wall?
The assembly instructions provide detailed information.
The wall mounting creates a 10 mm wide shadow gap between the wall and the FLATBOX so that the FLATBOX then has a total depth of 132 mm.

Is the mounting material, such as Screws and dowels, included?
Yes, the mounting material is included. Depending on the condition of the wall, however, it may be necessary to use other dowels. The dowels supplied by us are only suitable for concrete and stone walls.

Which tools do I need for the assembly?
For wall mounting you need a Phillips screwdriver, a drill with a 6 mm drill, a ruler, a pencil and ideally a spirit level.

How can I adjust the flap fittings or fine-tune them?
The high-quality flap fittings with gas spring guarantee a slow, dampened lowering of the worktop. They can be adjusted with the help of a small turntable. As a result, the speed of lowering can be fine-tuned.
The assembly instructions provide information under point 6 on page 4.

What should be considered during care and cleaning?
The white or colored FLATBOX CPL coating is extremely resistant and scratch, abrasion and impact resistant. Easy-care and solvent-resistant, so that dirt, smudges and even adhesive residues can be easily removed with common household detergents.

The waxed birch multiplex edge is also insensitive, but should only be treated with a damp cloth, without the use of cleaning agents. Care should be taken to wipe the edge with a dry cloth after a wet cleaning.

Are the three metal shelves (order set) included?
Yes, the three shelves are included.

Are the metal shelves available in other colors?
Unfortunately, we can only deliver the shelves in white by default.

Can the shelves of metal be hung on the back wall as desired?
Yes, the shelves can be placed anywhere on the 5-fold recessed rear wall.

Can I order more shelves made of metal (order set)?
Yes, the 3-piece order set can be ordered from the shop in white and black

How is the power supply solved?
The FLATBOX comes standard with a black textile cable with black Schuko plug. The cable is routed in a groove on the back of the FLATBOX and comes out at the center of the bottom of the body.

How long is the cable?
The cable has a length of 1300 mm, measured from the center of the lower edge of the body of the FLATBOX.

Delivery by our dealer

Delivery by the dealer

Müller Möbelwerkstätten works together with a large number of specialized dealers. This allows us to have the furniture purchased in our online shop delivered to you via this one. We send the furniture to the logistics center of the respective specialist dealer, from where our competent partner takes care of the processing of your order.

He will contact you by appointment and optional bookable installation.

 1.       Why is the goods not delivered directly to me?

As a rule, deliveries made by our specialist dealer are bulky goods that require an increased logistic effort for delivery.
If, for example, the order were delivered directly to you by freight carrier, this corresponds to a delivery free of curbside.
By contrast, our specialist dealers are specially trained personnel who have been trained by us to set up and transport the furniture of Müller Möbelwerkstätten.
Particularly noteworthy in the service "delivery by our dealer" are:
- Scheduled delivery according to desired date
- Delivery behind the first lockable door

2.       Are all furniture delivered by the specialist dealer?

No, not in all cases we can provide this service. Of course, this depends on whether there is a specialist dealer in the immediate vicinity.
In addition, our small furniture can be regularly sent with a parcel service (GLS).

3.       Assembly by our specialist dealer

The assembly can be booked separately in our online shop when ordering. The costs are based on the corresponding value of goods. Of course, the option of mounting is not mandatory, but recommended for selected furniture due to its complexity.
In addition to the actual assembly, this service offers further advantages:
- Carrying in the apartment included
- Subsequent disposal of the packaging

Of course, the option of mounting is not mandatory, but recommended for selected furniture due to its complexity.
For example, at

Modular Plus Wardrobe
Plane Wardrobe
- Flai Wardrobe

Can I have the piece of furniture built up?

Yes, within Germany we offer a construction service. Click on "book assembly" in the shopping cart and your furniture will be set up at your home for only 5% surcharge by a specialist dealer.


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